What ?

    One individual’s brain processes information in a different way to another. Difficulties may be noticed when a young person has to contend with the complex requirements of the modern day education system. Concerns that are expressed about the behaviour of a child may relate to underlying issues that can be addressed through occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and educational support.

    When ?

    If you are concerned that your child may be experiencing difficulties then it is important to have these issues explored and identified so that appropriate support can be given. The earlier that intervention begins, the more effective therapy and support will be. However it is NEVER too late. Our clients range from pre-schoolers to college-leavers.

    Why ?

    Therapy and support will enable the young person to participate fully in his or her education and social environment. It will help to ease frustration where he or she may be struggling to perform tasks that appear routine to others, to improve self-confidence and to alleviate negative perceptions of the child by equipping the child and the adults around him or her with tools and techniques to manage the difficulty experienced.

    Many people prefer to use independent medical and educational services for the flexibility that they offer as there is no comparable provision available through the NHS or state education services.

    The Bridge Practice can normally offer an appointment for assessment without delay, followed by the educational support and/or therapy to suit the client’s needs. The Bridge Practice has custom-designed facilities in a spacious, comfortable and secure environment to enable our young clients to benefit fully from their therapy and support.

    How ?

    Our clients may contact the Practice directly if they have concerns that they would like to address, or may consult us on the recommendation of the child's school, GP, paediatrician, educational psychologist or other therapist.

    Confidentiality of client information is paramount. We do not discuss any client detail with third parties without explicit prior authorisation.

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