Our Services:

    We offer an umbrella of services from which a tailor-made programme is created following the assessment recommendations:

    Evaluation: Screenings and Assessments to identify the underlying issues that are causing difficulties.
    Treatment: Address issues through:
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Dyslexia Support
    • Optometry and Audiology
    Educational Support: Targeted tuition to support academic programme at school.
    Liaison with school including observations.
    Parental Support: How to become your child’s ‘case manager’ from now on.
    What to expect in the next few years.
    How you can help at home.
    What academic options are appropriate.
    When/if to introduce a lap-top.
    Support groups.
    Schools, Colleges and Employers: Training, observations, support services.